Sparpreis Europa Schweiz: Günstig mit der Bahn in die Schweiz

Sparpreis Europa: Schweiz bereits ab 19 Euro mit der Bahn erleben


Hi, ich bin David, der Gründer des Zugreiseblog. Hier erfährst du alles zum Slow Traveling per Zug – egal, ob beim Interrail in Europa, Work and Travel in Australien oder beim Backpacking durch Südostasien. Du bist neu hier? Dann lies am besten, worum es in meinem Bahnblog geht.

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  1. Larry G sagt:

    Are you sure that there’s free train choice on the Swiss portion of the trip? Some other very experienced people online say you’re restricted to the train on your ticket even in Switzerland.

    I emailed SBB, and I’m waiting to hear back.

  2. Larry G sagt:

    Thanks so much!

    Two more questions:

    Will the Swiss train staff know about this rule, or is there a chance I’ll get in an argument?

    Is travelling south on any train from Basel SBB allowed as the no-tariff point? Or does the free train choice only apply south of the next station (Olten)?

    • David sagt:

      Normally the ticket doesn’t even show any train numbers for the Swiss part. It just shows the way you have to use within Switzerland.

      For your second question: You’re only restricted to the train until Basel SBB (for Basel Bad – Basel SBB you have to use the booked train though). i.E.: You’re booking a ticket Frankfurt – Basel Bad – Basel SBB – Zurich then you’re free to use any Swiss train from Basel SBB.

      • Larry G sagt:

        The top portion of my ticket only lists the DB train number.

        But the second portion, under „Ihre Reiseverbindung und Reservierung Hinfahrt“, lists both the DB and SBB train numbers. (I’m pretty sure I don’t have a reservation — there are no coach or seat numbers listed.)

        I finally heard back from SBB. They said with a Saver ticket, I have to take the specific train. But they didn’t address my question of whether a DB Sparpreis ticket counts as a Swiss saver or normal ticket.

        I’m a little nervous that the SBB train crew will see „Sparpreis“ and the SBB train number in the second box, and assume I have to take that train. Is there anything I can do to prevent a problem (besides just taking that train)? Would it help to ask the SBB conductor before I board?

      • David sagt:

        The second part isn’t relevant for any restrictions, only the top part. Second part is just for your convenience. If you buy the ticket over the counter only the first part will be on the ticket.

        I guess SBB was talking about their „Sparbillette“ where you are restricted to the specified train. But that’s totally different than DB’s „Sparpreis Europa“. Of course you can always ask the conductor (if there is one).

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